Game Files Protection (.PCK)

By RodySoft
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RodySoft PCK Protector: An application designed for protecting *.pck file extension that is used by the Angelica game engine (Perfect World, Forsaken World, Jade Dynasty, Ether Saga Online, HoTK (Chibi), Swordsman, RWPD, LOMA, etc.).
All existing PCK editors will not be able to modify or view protected packages. Protection level higher than the Starter level includes the feature to modify the elementclient.exe which will allow the .exe to read the protected *.pck files. This solution can truly prevent your unique content from being stolen.
Protection Levels:

  1. Starter: Minor pck-packages modification. After this modification protected packages can be read only by elementclient.exe. PCK editors will not be able to read the protected *.pck files.
  2. Basic: Includes Starter protection level + changing packages encryption keys.
  3. Medium: Includes previous protection levels + additional modification of package structure, with this protection level it will be much more difficult to trace the encryption keys from the protected package.
  4. High: Includes previous protection levels + major package structure modification.
  5. Ultimate: Includes previous protection levels + adding one more encryption key into package structure that will make package keys tracing useless.
  6. Ultimate + Enigma Includes previous protection levels + protection using the last build of Enigma Protector with unique profile which will not affect game performance. This protection tier will protect the elementclient.exe executable code with it’s own virtual machine that will be prevent the use of the debug mode on the .exe. Debug mode could be used in reverse engineering the process of the PCK decryption algorithm.

Important: Only with starter protection level all existing pck-editors wont be able to view or modify packages.
Also protector can compress some of *.data files into game packages:,,,,, etc. and can’t be packed into game packages.
Price list:

  • Basic: 49 USD
  • High: 95 USD
  • Ultimate: 129 USD
  • Ultimate + Enigma: 139 USD
  • + compress the inside the protected .pck package: 9 USD
  • + compress the inside the protected .pck package: 9 USD
  • + compress almost any file from client inside the protected .pck package: 9 USD (unfortunately not of all files can be protected)

Important: Protector license can be purchased for single game server instead of user name. For your second game server you’ll need to purchase additional license.
Payment: PayPal, Visa/MasterCard/American Express, WebMoney, QIWI, YooMoney, Wire transfer.